Pukka Wholistic Turmeric is so powerful, why should I try the Turmeric Gold tea as well?

Firstly, it’s a delicious herbal tea. The refreshing and vibrant combinations of turmeric, green tea, cardamom pods and refreshing lemon blend together to create an invigorating and unique taste. In Traditional Chinese Herbalism, turmeric is believed to ‘invigorate the blood’ and promote circulation throughout the body, with turmeric having been used for thousands of years in ancient Asian and Ayurvedic cultures as a tea and a pure powder. It was most commonly used as a water extract, a little like a cup of tea.

If you are a turmeric fan you may have heard of ‘curcumin’ that is one of the better known compounds in turmeric and you may also have heard that its not very soluble in water. So why would we put turmeric in a tea? Well, even without so much of the curcumin, turmeric is such a powerful plant that you will get its golden glow from a cup of tea as well; it’s clear to see from the bright yellow colour infused in your cup that some of turmeric’s golden yellow constituents (more officially known as curcuminoids) flow into the tea. Although there are less curcuminoids in the tea than our Wholistic Turmeric, there are many other water-soluble compounds within the turmeric that are. Recent studies have indicated that turmeric with the curcumin removed possesses numerous biological activities. When you consider that whole turmeric contains at least 200 different constituents, it makes you realise that turmeric is rather a lot more than curcumin. This makes Pukka’s Turmeric Gold tea, a delicious and powerful addition to your day that can be used alongside Wholistic Turmeric formula for an extra golden moment.