What is the ‘flavouring’ in Pukka tea made from and which teas is it in?


Some of the Pukka teas contain organic essential oil granules, labelled on the tea box as ‘essential oil flavours’. To create these granules, the essential oils are processed using a base that contains organic sugar, organic malto-dextrin, organic gum arabic and organic lecithin.

The lecithin used by Pukka is extracted from non-GMO organic sunflowers. It is a complex blend of naturally occurring fats found in plant material. Lecithin enables us to blend oil and water together, so that we can add essential oils to our teas and enhance their flavour. The lecithin is processed through the compression of the sunflower seeds and then a separation of the oil, water and fibre found in the seeds. The oil portion is then dried ready for use. 

According to Soil Association standards, and their policy of ‘honest labelling’ if the ingredient is made and used as a flavouring it must be labelled as a flavouring on the ingredient list. Other organic certification bodies or other food regulators do not have this open policy so you won’t see other companies listing what is in their flavourings.

Here is a list of Pukka teas containing these granules:

Turmeric Gold

Lemongrass & Ginger

Three Ginger

Blackcurrant Beauty

Clean Green

Detox with Lemon

Lemon and Mandarin


Lemon, Ginger and Manuka Honey

Elderberry and Echinacea

Blackcurrant Beauty

Gorgeous Earl Grey

Wild Apple & Cinnamon