Are all Pukka teas caffeine free?

All our teas are naturally caffeine free except for the following that contain green or black tea or cocoa;

• All Green Teas: Clean Matcha Green, Serene Jasmine Green, Supreme Matcha Green, Mint Matcha Green, Ginseng Matcha Green, Sweet Vanilla Green and Turmeric Gold.

• All Black Teas: Elegant English Breakfast, Lively English, Breakfast, Gorgeous Earl Grey

• Revitalise (contains 8% green tea)

• Original Chai (contains 20% black tea)

• Star Anise and Cinnamon (contains 8% green tea)

• Licorice and Cinnamon (contains Cocoa)

Pukka do not use any form of decaffeinated black, green or herbal tea. We like to use plants in their most natural form, and the decaffeination process alters a plant’s natural chemistry. Some decaffeination processes can also utilise various chemical and mechanical procedures that are not in line with Pukka’s organic principles and so for the moment we have left the tea leaves as they come.

Green tea and matcha naturally contain caffeine, but also contain a constituent known as L-theanine which can actually help to balance the effects of caffeine in the body.