What stance does Pukka take on the GMO (genetically modified organism) debate and the current Non-GMO project in the US?

GMO products are banned from use in organic farming and the processing of organic products. As Pukka is 100% certified organic, Pukka never uses GMOs. Organic standards strictly regulate the use of pesticides, antibiotics and fertilisers whilst also monitoring animal welfare and the protection of wildlife. Therefore, GMOs and products produced from or by GMOs are incompatible with the principles of organic production as they usually involve a huge increase of environment-damaging herbicide use.

Pukka have a zero tolerance for the presence of GMOs in our organic herbal teas and remedies. As organic agriculture does not allow the use of GMOs, organic certification guarantees a non-GMO product. Pukka Herbs are certified organic by The Soil Association in the UK who exceed the standards required for organic food that are currently laid down in European law. It’s why we don't use tea-tents or pyramid bags that are either made from oil derived nylon or from GMO-Corn starch.

Pukka believe that the Non-GMO project in the US has helped to raise public awareness on the risks associated with GMO. As the US government do not enforce the labelling of GMOs, the Non-GMO Project is filling a much-needed gap in informing the US public of its potential risks, however as every one of our Pukka Herbs is certified organic which guarantees GMO-free we have not as yet joined the Non-GMO Project.