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19th March 2019

Herbs for happiness

Along with some simple daily practices, we can look to natural herbal remedies for help lifting us when we're feeling down. Here are five of the best, all of which you can find as herbal teas.

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8th February 2019

Women as a force of nature on behalf of nature

Imagine what would it feel like to live in a world where nature is treated as sacred, rooted in the deep understanding that we are nature. Around the world, women are connecting to this ethos, rising to inspire a reforestation revolution like nothing seen before. Together their goal is to plant a billion trees a year, to become a force of nature on behalf of nature. This movement is being energised by TreeSisters, a global non-profit focusing on women’s empowerment and tropical reforestation, both of which sit in the top ten solutions to help reduce climate change. Having grown into a grassroots network of 250,000 women strong, TreeSisters is planting almost two million trees around the world, with planting projects in Kenya, Brazil, Madagascar, India, Nepal, and Cameroon.

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