Image for Our deliciously colourful new world of teas

Our deliciously colourful new world of teas

4th August 2014

We’ve got some big news brewing here at Pukka. In line with our all new Pukka Organic Wellbeing, our new website and Pukka Planet comes news about our tea packaging. Pukka’s vibrant new look teas are on their way into stores now and throughout September / October 2014.  Rest assured it is only the packaging that is evolving, the blends of our teas have the same delicious recipes as always.

And for those who love our designs, fear not. These designs are an evolution of our current iconic boxes. There are a few new ones where we felt the Pukka style could be enhanced. There are a few teas where we have changed the name and so given it a whole new look. And just for good measure a couple of completely new teas for you to look forward to.  

Green Matcha Old Vs New

We’ve also taken our beautiful design inside the box and you might notice big changes to the copy that describes each tea. It’s all designed to highlight the united family of Pukka – from Organic Wellbeing and Foods to our teas – all of which use the same quality of incredible organic herbs. We’ll be running some great promotions to celebrate the launch of our new designs so look out for a whole range of Pukka activity over the next few months. We hope you love them and enjoy discovering a whole new deliciously colourful world of Pukka.

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