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Bamboo Cup

20th June 2017

The Mint Refresh and Reviatlise designs join Pukka’s best-selling Womankind bamboo cup, supporting herbal tea drinkers in their pursuit to enjoy a Pukka tea on-the-go, anytime, anywhere. 

Available in three of Pukka’s most popular designs, the bamboo cups can be bought from independent health food stores and our online store for $22.95.

Made from the world’s most sustainable crop, pesticide-free bamboo fibre and non-GMO corn starch, the Pukka Bamboo Cup is reusable, easy to use and dishwasher friendly. We teamed up with ‘E coffee’ to bring these cups to life which was no mean feat.

Pukka Herbs’ Co-Founder Tim Westwell explains;

There is a growing interest in herbal teas and we are really enjoying being able to help bring people closer to nature through a cup of delicious organic fruits and herbs. As people become more interested in how nature can benefit our health, we feel we have a responsibility to ensure that we are also benefiting nature.

Single-use plastic is a problem for the environment and one we are keen to minimise. Our new bamboo cups are a sustainable alternative to single-use plastic cups, bringing the goodness of nature in every cup without damaging nature at the same time.”

Bamboo, we love you

Bamboo is the world’s most sustainable crop. Unlike hardwood trees (which once cut, are gone forever) bamboo when harvested, re-shoots from its extensive root system, providing an endless, renewable resource which grows up to two feet a day.

Moreover, bamboo is naturally organic and requires no fertilisers or chemicals in its propagation. It also absorbs greenhouse gases and produces 35% more oxygen than an equivalent stand of trees.

No excuse for single use

The average lifespan of a single-use cup is 13 minutes and due to their plastic content, less than 1% are recycled. 

It is estimated Australians use 1 billion disposable coffee cups each year. That's approximately 2,700,000 paper coffee cups thrown out every day!

The Pukka Bamboo Cup is reusable, recyclable, BPA (industrial chemical) and phthalate free. It is made using naturally sterile bamboo fibre combined with corn flour and a resin made of amino acids. The lid and sleeve are made from a food-grade silicone (bonded silicon and oxygen) – heat resistant to protect the hands.

Pick up yours today from your independent health food store or from our online store.



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