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Meet Kat Newman, Pukkas Experiential & Events Manager

Our Experiential & Events Manager, Kat Newman joined Pukka in February 2013 and tells us a little more about herself and her Pukka journey here. 

What are your responsibilities at Pukka?

I plan and deliver all sorts of events designed to talk to people about Pukka, what we do and the benefits of our teas and remedies. Earlier this year (2015) we renovated a 1970’s Airstream aka ‘Herbie the Herbship’ who you will see popping up at local Bristol events, festivals, offices and cities around the UK. Ultimately my job is to create events that encourage people to try something new - a herbal tea for the first time, a new tea or a detoxifying remedy - and it’s a genuine delight when someone does.

Why do you love working with Pukka?

The people. Everyone’s really passionate about what they do; from our Sourcing Team who work with our suppliers all over the world to establish Fair for Life projects, our Warehouse Team who go the extra mile to ensure customers receive their orders on time, to our Sustainability Team who do an incredible job of maintaining our carbon neutrality and connecting with local communities.

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working at Pukka?

Anything outdoors (usually mountain biking in Wales), discovering new music, dancing, meeting new people or getting involved in various creative projects. 

What makes you Come Alive?

Mountains - I find them exciting and grounding at the same time.

What are your favourite Pukka products?

Vitalise - it gets your energy levels up so it’s brilliant if you have a busy lifestyle and struggle to fit in your 5 a day.

Three Cinnamon Tea is the perfect companion to sugar-free eating - it balances blood sugar and helps with cravings. If you're thinking of cutting back on the chocolate I'd highly recommend it.

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