Pukka, the magic explained

Pukka – herbal tea & supplement company, epicurian herbologists, and, perhaps, force for good. At least, that’s the way I like to think of us, and what I believe is Pukka’s special brand of ‘magic’.

From the very first moment Tim and I sat in his spare bedroom kicking around names for our new business, our vision for Pukka has never changed – we want Pukka to be more than just a profit-seeking business; we want Pukka to be a benevolent force that inspires us all to learn about the wonders of herbs and care more about the beautiful planet we live on.

Why? Because Tim and I ultimately believe that conservation needs commercial leverage, so that the forest is worth more standing than felled. And that we are the solution to any problem we have.


Change starts at home

To be a part of the solution and start spreading the wonder of plants into more lives, the natural place for us to begin was by bringing the magic of herbs into more homes, stirring people’s appreciation for nature in their own time.

The tired working dad who feels more awake, more refreshed after a cup of Pukka Revitalise tea. The busy student who uses Pukka Turmeric Brainwave to stay balanced and focused – through a simple warm drink or effective supplement, we wanted people to see that they have natural support near at hand; that they may be able to forgo the pep pill or tablet for the winter blues, and turn to nature instead to help themselves feel at their best as they go about their lives.

That’s the Pukka magic, part one. Part two is bigger, more ambitious.


Change for the good of everyone

If we can awaken more people to the incredible power of herbs and the beauty that Mother Nature offers, then maybe – just maybe – we can inspire them to lead a more conscious life at the same time (this was our thinking then, and still is today).

By ‘conscious’, we mean helping people become more aware of the wonder of themselves, of others and of the planet they live on.

Imagine what it would be like if we were all more aware, more respectful of ourselves, of others and of nature? Imagine if we all subscribed to the belief that the health of the planet is intimately connected to our own? Would we have such largescale deforestation or so many endangered species then? Would we need Fair for Life or FairWild?

Maybe, maybe not – I don’t have all the answers, but I’ll always believe in the vision of a ‘pukka’ world, which benefits people, plants and the planet – and I’ll never stop striving to help create it.

That’s why Pukka partners with the Eden Project. It’s why we have a strict policy on animal cruelty. And it’s why we believe so passionately in organic principles.

Perhaps you like the idea of a ‘pukka’ planet too? Perhaps you’ll join Pukka in helping to create it? We would love you to be a part of our celebration of nature's herbal bounty; there is only priceless treasure to discover.


Meet the author

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Sebastian Pole, Co-founder and Herbal Director

Sebastian Pole, Sebastian Pole, Co-founder and Master Herbsmith

Hello There. I’m a Co-founder and the Master Herbsmith at Pukka Herbs. As well as having the most amazing job of formulating all our organic teas and supplements I am a passionate environmentalist – that’s why we are 100% organic, pioneers in sustainably sourcing herbs with FairWild, and we give 1% of our turnover for rejuvenating the Planet. I also run my own herbal practice in Bath which I’ve done since 1998. I practise an eclectic blend of Ayurvedic, Chinese and Western Herbal Medicine and am a registered member of the Ayurvedic Practitioners Association, Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine and the Unified Register of Herbal Practitioners. I love using the principles of Ayurveda (aka the ancient art of living wisely) – coupled with insights of traditional healing and modern science - to help create the best of health. Inspired by my time in India, I love cooking a vegetarian feast and rely on regular yoga practice with lots of herbal teas and tonics to keep me well. I am passionate about running a business that inspires positive change and brings the benefit of the incredible power of plants to everyone we connect with – from our farmers, collectors, Pukka team to you. I live on a two acre garden-farm in Somerset where I grow a rainbow spectrum of medicinal and nourishing plants for my bees and family to thrive on.

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