Image for Thank you for making Black Friday Green!

Thank you for making Black Friday Green!

Thank you to everyone in our Pukka community who made an online purchase during our four day "Buy a Tea, Plant a Tree" campaign.

Your support has funded the planting and nurturing of hundreds of trees by Conservation Volunteers Australia to help restore the habitat of the threatened Richmond Birdwing Butterfly.

Together we are doing something to give back to our beautiful earth. 🌏🌳

If you still want to help you can donate, shop or volunteer with Conservation Volunteers Australia 

Buy a gift for good this Black Friday and give back to the planet. 

We’re donating every cent of online sales to Conservation Volunteers Australia from Black Friday to Cyber Monday to plant trees and help save one of Australia’s threatened species, the Richmond Birdwing Butterfly.


Photo courtesy of Noosa District Landcare

The Richmond Birdwing Butterflies at Woodstock is an ecological restoration program to conserve, restore and manage the forested corridor between the Gold Coast and Greater Brisbane areas and create habitat for this beautiful butterfly. Once abundant, now less than one per cent of this butterfly’s rainforest habitat is left and population numbers are drastically declining due to development and climate change. Woodstock is a critical and strategic planting corridor for reforestation and the planting of vital food plant vines will allow for genetic diversity and resilience in the population.

"The smallest of the small creature has a big meaning in this evolution of life, and evolution of life, leads to evolution of consciousness." - Satish Kumar, peace and environment activist.

Every sale contributes to planting a tree and we’d love you to help in any way you can.

Photos courtesy of Conservation Volunteers Australia

As a B-Corp we're proud to use our business as a force for good, to benefit people, plants and the planet.

Go here to buy a tea, plant a tree and help give the butterfly a wild future. Includes Christmas Gifting.

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