Plants: how we harness their incredible vitality

Three years ago we set ourselves a task: to find a method of capturing all that is good in a plant, in a more energy-efficient and environmentally sound way. Three years later, and we’re proud to say that – after a lot of hard work – we’ve done it.

The ‘wholistic’ way – a Pukka innovation

We call our ground-breaking new technology ‘wholistic’ – for the simple reason that it captures the ‘whole’ goodness of the plants we use in a broad-spectrum ‘holistic’ extract, giving us purer and more potent ingredients to pass on to you through our Pukka Organic Wellbeing family.

Our wholistic technique uses a traditional extraction process (water and hydroethanolic), coupled with something called supercritical extraction (this is where C02 is used under pressure to act like a ‘glue’ to extract fat soluble plant molecules).

When combined together, these two techniques – traditional and supercritical -capture the broadest spectrum of magical compounds found in a plant, including its essential oils, waxes, resins and pigments – extracts that are often not fully captured using other methods.

The final yield of herbal extracts is several times more potent than anything found in standard herb powders and capsules – with the potential to help you feel truly alive to the wonders of the world.



Wholistic for the environment too

Naturally, the planet is always at the top of our list of priorities. And by using organic growing techniques along with wholistic extraction to harvest a plant’s natural goodness, we’re doing our best to show her some Pukka love and respect.

As you may know, many herbal compounds are extracted using the chemicals acetone, methanol or hexane. These powerful substances are not good friends of the planet; they are effective solvents but with poor biodegradability, and some questionable impacts on human health too.

In contrast, our wholistic technology requires less energy compared to other practices and uses the abundant natural gas Carbon Dioxide. Because of this, its emissions are lower; the C02 we use for carbon dioxide extraction is recycled for use on our next crop of herbs; and absolutely no harmful non-biodegradable substances are produced during the process.

So you could say, we’ve found the most ‘pukka’ way of optimising some of nature’s most incredible plants – as well as the beautiful planet they grow on. It’s why they are ‘wholistic’.

Meet the author

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Marin Anastasov, Raw materials and Sourcing Manager

Responsible for sourcing the raw materials across all Pukka teas and Organic Wellbeing from around the world. My whole working life has been dedicated to organic and sustainable food production.


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