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Hello and welcome to Pukka Planet – the place we hope you will go on your very own journey of discovery. Pukka Planet is three things – it’s an area of our website where you can find all the stories that sit behind what we do – built around people, plants and the planet.

It’s also a magazine – on a regular basis we’ll publish a new edition that highlights the best stories from around the world that we think you’ll find interesting. You can always find the latest edition on the homepage or sign up to our newsletter.

Lastly, Pukka Planet is an idea – a philosophy if you like. Where our love of people, plants and the planet come together to help create ways in which we can all become more aware.

The idea behind Pukka Planet

We’ve been blessed at Pukka to be able to let our love of plants run wild – sometimes literally. It’s meant we’ve met some of the most incredible people in some of the most far-flung places around the world. We’ve spent many years nurturing not just the plants and herbs we use in our teas and organic wellbeing, but the relationships we have with these people and the communities that surround them. We want to share these stories with you to help inspire us all to keep making the positive change we are making together.

But most of all we’ve been blessed by the number of people like you that have bought the herbal creations we make. We hear so many stories of how customers not only keep on buying them but tell others too. Every time we meet them , we’re humbled by the passion they show for what we’re doing. So we figured that creating a place where we can share our own experiences would do justice to this passion.

Sometimes this passion is about the taste of the teas we make or the effects our herbs have on people. Sometimes it’s about the beauty of our packaging – we can’t tell you how many times customers have asked us to consider making it a series of wallpapers…Often it’s more than that – it’s about the statement that Pukka makes. The way we only ever create certified organic products. The way we support Fairtrade and FairWild and numerous organic herb growing projects around the world. The way we support people and planetary health. We want Pukka Planet to be a place you can find out more about all of this.

So we got to thinking that if we created a space to explore more about what we do behind the scenes, this in turn could help people to discover more things about themselves.

By simply understanding that drinking Pukka teas actually supports all these things – like organic, Fairtrade and FairWild – you’re supporting a better world. And that by understanding a little more about herbs and plants, you’d get to know more about how just doing simple things – often small, enjoyable and delicious – you could have a healthier and happier life. 

So we want Pukka Planet to be the place where you can become more aware of these things – about plants, our planet but most importantly about you. So the idea is that everyone comes alive to the beauty and wonder of nature and the natural world. And that this brings a little colour to everyone’s lives and makes the world feel like a more positive, more connected place to be. That’s it really.

As we develop the site, we’ll be creating opportunities for everyone to contribute and each month, we’ll publish a new edition of Pukka Planet highlighting stories from people, plants and planet. We’ll let you download it and we’ll offer lots of other interesting stuff – from recipes to competitions – from videos to photos and articles. Obviously we’ll also tell you the news about our latest additions – the first issue gives you a complete rundown of our entire new Pukka Organic Wellbeing. We hope you like it. Thanks for reading, for drinking and for taking part – thanks for coming alive to the power of incredible organic herbs.

Sebastian and Tim

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